Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

Tyler Geffeney at Calvary Chapel OceansideLast week we saw Unlocking the Mysteries of Life a film by Illustra Media made in partnership with The Discovery Institute. In that film, some of the top minds in the sciences today discussed the major problems with Darwinian thought- both Darwin’s classic model and the augmented neo-Darwinian model.  Speaking in strictly scientific terms and in uses his own words, Darwin’s model was completely broken down.  Let’s review some of what we saw:

Irreducible Complexity– a  single system which is composed of several interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, and where the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning. An irreducibly complex system cannot be produced directly by slight, successive modifications of a precursor system, since any precursor to an irreducibly complex system is by definition nonfunctional.  As an example of irreducible complexity, Dr. Michael Behe refers to the bacterial flagellum.

DNA Code-  In the 4 minute video animation, we saw how DNA, RNA, and protein formation occurs within a cell.  How the DNA is “read” by a molecular machine, guided into a ribosome, translated, and formed into protein.  Those protein pieces are then constructed to make even larger structure.  To view that segment again click here.

Chemical Evolution-  Scientist and evolutionist turn Design Theorist Dean Kenyon wrote the book on chemical evolution (a process never before seen).  After a student posed a challenge to the theory Kenyon wrote in Biochemical Predestination.

IMAG0236.jpgThis week’s homework:  Please answer the following questions as best you can and post them as a reply to this blog.  You may want to write it out in a Word format first and then copy and paste it into the blog.  Here is the prompt:

After watching the video and doing some of your own research, let’s pretend a close friend approaches you and say’s “How can you NOT believe in Evolution?” If you had just a few minutes to respond, what would you say?

We will share some of your responses next week when we watch The Privileged Planet.  See you then!


4 Responses to “Unlocking the Mysteries of Life”

  1. Peggy Jacobsen Says:

    This gal summed it up perfectly. (from opiniated.net)

    How can any thinking individual believe in anything BUT creationism? Think about it. Think about the human eye. Think about the spinal cord. Think about the brain. Think about the ear. Think about EVERYTHING we take for granted. How did all of it just “evolve” Evolution means mutation. Mutation means the dumbing down of the species. How on earth does the human race come into being without a plan? We were dumbed UP!! It boggles the mind that anyone can believe it just “happened.” Do birds just happen? Do trucks just happen? Do mortgages just happen? Do differences of opinion within the same species just happen? Get real, people!!!! How does evolution explain the existence of different races, for example? Several different people groups just evolved from some primordial soup? What is the likelihood of that happening? IT REQUIRES MORE FAITH TO BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION THAN IT DOES TO BELIEVE IN CREATIONISM. How can anyone believe in same-species evolution?!? Explain it to me!!! I am dying to understand how a creator cannot be involved in the process of our existence. Only intelligent, scientifically-proven comments please! And make sure you refer to the whole “something out of nothing” argument. That’s my favorite.

    and for the mathematician:

    Mathematical Probability Shows Evolution is Ridiculous
    Evolution is mathematically impossible.
    The mathematical probability of a SINGLE CELL coming about by chance is 1/10340,000,000, the fraction 1 divided by 1 followed by 340 million zeros! And then this cell must live long enough to reproduce. And then the reproduced cell must live long enough to do the same. And then more “accidents” must happen to cause more complexity. And then more “accidents” must happen to cause more complexity. And long before the first “accident” evolution is nothing but a silly, mystical fairy tale.

  2. Peggy Jacobsen Says:

    ok I did not realize I was suppose to make this a response to the film. I did outside searches and this fit the bill for me personally at this point, as I don’t feel comfortable explaining from the film until I learn the vocabulary and am able to use the questioning model more naturally.
    He is still working on me, Praise Him!

  3. Bill Kelly Says:

    Evolution is being challenged scientifically in chemistry, biology, geology and archaeology to name a few. What I am seeing now is that the evidence for Intelligent Design far outweighs the evidence in support of Evolution. Many of Darwin’s assumptions have proven wrong such as evolution from one species to another, where not one transitional species has been found in the fossil evidence. When we look at DNA and other molecular evidence, it is abundantly clear that they are a product of an intelligent creator. Christian astronomers convincingly challenge the Big Bang Theory on Web Sites such as ANSWERSINGENESISas well. When I first started witnessing to people, they would always ask me, where is your evidence? Now, apologetics have far outpaced Christian critics. Now, we provide the evidence and the world says, take our theories on faith.

  4. Gary Pearce Says:

    A lot of this, I don’t understand, but I would answer that I don’t believe in Darwinism and evolution. God created all living things and the universe. He is the only power that could have accomplished such an undertaking and I also believe in the Bible account of creation. I will never doubt God’s Word. If that person takes offense, so be it. I will never be a “politically correct” individual. That mindset is destroying this country. I seek the truth and unfortunately, most people in this country do not want to seek and believe. Thank you for your time.

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