About Us

Far from “apologizing” about a position, the term ‘apologetics’ refers to “a reasoned defense” of a given position.

The term apologetics etymologically derives from the Classical Greek word apologia. In the Classical Greek legal system two key technical terms were employed: the prosecution delivered the kategoria, and the defendant replied with an apologia. To deliver an apologia then meant making a formal speech or giving an explanation to reply and rebut the charges, as in the case of Socrates’ defense.

This site is dedicated to refuting the popular and largely mythological claims made by skeptics regarding the Christian faith as well as general theism.  Often our culture defers to pop- science as a reliable source of information without critically examining the assumptions of the claims made therein.  On a larger scale, academia uncritical teaches these claims without as much as a discussion of the the underlying assumptions.  This results in a social class of robots responding to theistic (and generally asecular) claims with responses they cannot back up nor have they had to.   This is amplified by agenda- based sites and organizations that prefer robots to critically thinking and open-minded adults.

We seek, as with many others in our field, to address the claims made by the so-called scientific community, political leadership, academia, cults and mainstream religion, and the media.  We will examine their claims made with regard to their position on Christianity, the Bible, science, and the like.  We welcome all comments made (although profanity will not be tolerated) and we will do our best to respond to comments to where an address is warranted.  Our goal is to reach out to those who want the truth and make no claims in our ability to be able to convert “robots” to critical thinkers.  It is our firm belief that you will leave this site with the same assumptions in which you arrived although it is our prayer to the contrary.

Forget what you think you know about Christianity, science, and the Bible.


One Response to “About Us”

  1. Gary Pearce Says:

    Greetings – A lot of this, I don’t understand, but I know I am not a robot and go with the mainstream. There is so much propaganda, lies, and relativism where today nobody wants to hear the real truth and realize we are in a broken and lost society. I don’t believe in Darwinism and evolution. God created all living things and the universe. He is the only power that could have accomplished such an undertaking and I also believe in the Bible account of creation. I will never doubt God’s Word. Sorry if I am not presenting a more detailed reponse. Thank you for your time.

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