Darwin’s Dilemmna

Last week we watched Illustra Media’s newest film Darwin’s Dilemma where scientists have taken a look at the Cambrian Explosion, the fossil record and the theory of evolution.  In general the film took a look at Darwin’s statement regarding the fossil record:  what is contains and what it should contain.  In 1859, according to Darwin, the fossil record posed a problem to his theory because it was incomplete; the fossils simply hadn’t been found yet.  Now, over 200 years later, with all the tremendous advancements we’ve made in archaeology and the trillions of fossils we have on record- we have even fewer fossils to support his theory than we did then!

Furthermore, the video explained the non-existence of pre-Cambrian life prior to the discovery of trilobites and other early life forms as well as the complicated structure of DNA and how it screams in opposition to Darwin’s theory of purposeless chance and matter plus time to explain the origin of life.

Afterwards, Tyler Geffeney from the CS Lewis society spoke a bit on using the fossil record as a witnessing tool.   He answered questions about intelligent design and it’s efficacy in reaching out to lost souls.

Next week (tomorrow) we are watching our final film- Icons of Evolution- a film based on the best selling book by Jonathan Wells of the Discovery Institute.  This film will cover the “icons” of evolution: Darwin’s tree of life, the ape-into-man evolutionary picture, the Finches, and so on from a scientific perspective.  In the film, we will see how much (or how little) truth applies to these assertions.

BLOG ASSIGNMENT:  For this week, please explain how you would respond if someone told you: “the fossil record proves Darwins was right.”  Write your response below by leaving a comment.  Feel free to use this link:


See you guys tomorrow!


Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

Tyler Geffeney at Calvary Chapel OceansideLast week we saw Unlocking the Mysteries of Life a film by Illustra Media made in partnership with The Discovery Institute. In that film, some of the top minds in the sciences today discussed the major problems with Darwinian thought- both Darwin’s classic model and the augmented neo-Darwinian model.  Speaking in strictly scientific terms and in uses his own words, Darwin’s model was completely broken down.  Let’s review some of what we saw:

Irreducible Complexity– a  single system which is composed of several interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, and where the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning. An irreducibly complex system cannot be produced directly by slight, successive modifications of a precursor system, since any precursor to an irreducibly complex system is by definition nonfunctional.  As an example of irreducible complexity, Dr. Michael Behe refers to the bacterial flagellum.

DNA Code-  In the 4 minute video animation, we saw how DNA, RNA, and protein formation occurs within a cell.  How the DNA is “read” by a molecular machine, guided into a ribosome, translated, and formed into protein.  Those protein pieces are then constructed to make even larger structure.  To view that segment again click here.

Chemical Evolution-  Scientist and evolutionist turn Design Theorist Dean Kenyon wrote the book on chemical evolution (a process never before seen).  After a student posed a challenge to the theory Kenyon wrote in Biochemical Predestination.

IMAG0236.jpgThis week’s homework:  Please answer the following questions as best you can and post them as a reply to this blog.  You may want to write it out in a Word format first and then copy and paste it into the blog.  Here is the prompt:

After watching the video and doing some of your own research, let’s pretend a close friend approaches you and say’s “How can you NOT believe in Evolution?” If you had just a few minutes to respond, what would you say?

We will share some of your responses next week when we watch The Privileged Planet.  See you then!