FAQ’s- Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the American Church?

The “church” is not a physical building or a brick-and-mortar house of worship as is commonly understood today. The word church instead derives from the Greek word “ekklesia” which receives its meaning from the root “ekkaleo”. Ekkaleo is a Greek term used to describe the calling out or gathering of an army or militia as would be the case in the event that a national defense is needed. In this manner, ekklesia (similar to the Spanish noun “iglesia”) refers to a “calling out” or an “assembly of people” gathered together for a common cause. The word church then refers to a gathering of believers or a body of believers. The church may meet in a building but does not refer to the building. Instead, the word itself refers to the people inside the building.


2. What is syncretism?

Sync- as in, to make one of many, is a liberal religious movement born out of the fallacy “all roads lead to God” or “all religions are basically the same.” A syncretist is one who seeks to make one religion out of many religions by focusing on their superficial commonalities rather than their differences.


2 Responses to “FAQ’s- Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Becky Street Says:

    What are your thoughts on Bible versions?

  2. Al Davis Says:

    what are the four rules or perspectives of logic?

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