Evolution Education as a Tool of Indoctrination

It’s so hard to be objective sometimes. As a matter of my opinion, I find it impossible. In light of my revolutionary discovery I try then to be neutral. Ken Hamm showed a YouTube video of an atheist, a young guy, not particularly well spoken but not a dunce either. He called what his parents taught him “indoctrination” but called what he learned in school education. This is a perfect example of the worldview guiding the decision. His own words speak of his view toward the information. Whereas I would consider what is being done in school no different then indoctrination, I would also consider what I teach my kids indoctrination. In the case of atheist, he has clearly failed to identify this basic fact. He feels empowered by believing that his life is meaningless, just a highly organized result of wind, rain, and procreation. What he has not considered is that the government, the school, and the powers of this world, are also empowered by him believing that.

Those who seek power over people first seek to dehumanize those people. A man who places no value in himself or his neighbor will not defend himself or his neighbor. For example, Marx wrote that:

“a people without a history are easily conquered.”

This is the purpose of evolution: to remove the real history of mankind, one that imposes value on humankind, one that establishes an absolute moral law, so that mankind may be conquered. America is no different today then the communist and socialist countries of the past. With laws like the Patriot Act and NDAA, it is quite clear that the government of America wants to conquer the people of America.

And the people, with few exceptions, are not fighting back.

And why not? As an extension and quite literally a branch of the Federal government, the school system acts as a major indoctrinator (or educator, if you prefer). This YouTube atheist did not seem to question in any way what he was taught in school. He didn’t question his teachers nor was he asked to (when was the last time YOUR teacher asked you to validate her own lesson with personal research?). He put his trust in a government that seeks to control him and in order to do so must first dehumanize him by turning him into a monkey. And this atheist just ate it up like a ripe banana.

Another one bites the dust.

There is plenty of evidence both philosophically and empirically that would at minimal challenge the philosophy and theory of Neo-Darwinistic evolution. It would at least cause one to question. In some cases, the evidence is so overwhelming and it’s speakers so impactful that the government has put them in jail…for tax evasion. From geology, to biology, to astronomy, to paleontology, to philosophy, the evidence that speaks out against Darwin surrounds scientists and thinkers from outside religious institutions. Berlinsky, Behe, and others subscribe to secular principles but challenge evolution from almost every angle. The world and the government however give no voice to these thinkers because it conflicts with the agenda of power and control.

One does not need religion to disbelieve evolution one only needs the will to see the research and the ability to question what they were taught in school. It takes the will to accept that our autonomous selves could be wrong. I find there is nothing harder to accept then our own wrongness. I could be wrong right now. I guess we will have to see how strong the arguments are against my position (and I’m sure I’ll get some).

There are only two religions- Gods word or man becomes god. The thinking of our time is that man decides truth- moral relativism, situational ethics, and history. In mans version of history, the one pushed in school and in government, and on t.v., people are just animals not much better than a pig. So look around you and look at how animals are treated- eaten, caged, used for testing, and subdued. Why would you resist?

Now take the real history- man is a special creation of an Almighty Creator, the perfect Mind who like love, beauty, justice, and goodness, cannot be seen with the human eye. This creator embed his creation with the ability to think, to logic, to reason. He gave his creation value and freedom. A value that says each one created is deserving of life and liberty so much so that He commanded, “thou shall not murder.” He said, “thou shall not covet, steal, or cheat” each other. That includes the government.

Be caged or be free. It’s your God given choice.