How could a loving God allow evil?

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When I look at the world I see total conflict and yet total harmony. On one hand I see how environments and biospheres work together in symbiosis- a perfect design- to sustain life. Sunlight powers plants, animals eat plants, we eat the animals…. If one aspect was gone the whole system would fall apart- they are irreducibly complex to each other.

On the other hand, I see war, famine, greed, hatred, racism… and I see a lot of it. Politicians are telling one story, big corporations are telling another, people lie, cheat, and steal from each other. I wish I could say I was different but… I’ve even told a lie. Maybe you have too…

Anyway, I look at the Book of Genesis and I read that when God created the world HE saw that it was GOOD. And we’re not talking like you and me GOOD we’re talking about the perfect Holy God of the Universe saying that it’s His type of Good- there was no death, there was no decay, the trees were greener, the fruit bigger and juicier, and animals and man walked in perfect peace together. It was a Paradise, everything was designed perfectly. That’s what God wanted for us… for us to be in paradise with Him forever… but then Adam sinned.

And sin is not just something you do. It’s like a power or force that exists in the universe. It’s a spirit of rebellion against the creator, it affects not just our decisions but it affects the whole of creation. And Adam rebelled, man. He and His wife Eve were the first two human beings to ever walk to Earth- they were given this total paradise with only 1 rule: don’t eat from the tree in the middle. I know it sounds nuts but let’s just think about how brilliant this is…

See, God didn’t want a race of intelligent rational robots— yknow, robots are programmed- they are not given a choice. God wanted us to choose to love Him and to choose to follow Him. So He had to give Adam and Eve a choice. You can have this amazing paradise with all you could ever want, peace- love- harmony. Or you can have the fruit of the tree of the middle. They chose the latter.

So God let them be. He said, ok. They chose to follow their own desires and God being a perfectly Just and Fair God allowed them to do that and with that, Sin- the spirit of rebellion- entered the world and poisoned the perfectly designed creation. The Bible says that “the whole creation GROANED” when sin entered the world.

So now here we are… we still have this beautifully designed planet with this amazing complexity in not just the vastness of space but in the microcosm of the cell. We still have some of the harmony. But we also have the conflict. We have the sin power that surrounds the world. We have earthquakes, tsunami’s and hurricanes but we also still have the choice to lie, to cheat, and to steal. We also have the choice to love.

God said one last thing to Adam and Eve. See when they defied His one rule they had to leave the garden. But as they left He said that he would send a redeemer- someone who would come from a woman- someone who could repair the chasm that sin left between God and man. A bridge across.

That bridge was Jesus. Jesus was born of virgin- no man. Just a woman. Jesus didn’t teach that there WAS a way to God, he taught that HE was the way. He taught that He was God and that only He could repair the chasm and the religious leaders of his time killed him for it. They wanted you to follow a bunch a rules, say a bunch of memorized prayers, and give your allegiance to a church. That’s not what Jesus taught. Jesus taught that to get back to God you only need Him.

See, there is nothing you can do that can undo the sin that entered the garden. No amount of charity work or positive thoughts or tithing can take away that fact that you are not perfect. And nobodys perfect. The fact is, that all of us have told a lie, we’ve all stolen, we all fall short of Gods perfection and we must be held accountable. It would be great if we could all just be allowed to do whatever we want and get away with what but that’s not just. The Hindu’s believe in Karma or a power of cause and effect, that we reap what we sow. That justice exists in the universe. Well I don’t believe in karma, but I do believe in a just God.

When we accept that we are not perfect that’s when we open to door to Jesus. Jesus said that nothing we can do will ever bridge the gap between man and his Creator but that only by declaring your trust in Him will you be able to commune with God. Its like stepping in an elevator for the first time— you’ve never seen it work, you’re not sure of the details, but you’ve heard the view at the top is amazing. And when you place your trust in that elevator by stepping in- it takes you to the top. In the same way, Jesus takes us the way to the top.

His life of miracles, and service, and the awful death on the cross is our elevator. I didn’t watch him die, I’m not sure of the details, but I’ve seen what Jesus has done in my life. It’s not because Ive have done anything great its because He is great. He save us not because we have any special ability its because only He has the ability. Its not because we simply believe in God, its because Jesus is God and he wants us to be in paradise with Him forever.

What God wants us to do and what we want from God, may not always be the same thing. God wants to offer us freedom from the evil of this world but sometimes we just want our freedom from God. That’s truly what Hell is. The bible says that God did not create Hell for humans but for the devil and his demons. But God is a gentleman. If we live our lives wanting freedom from God, he will grant it. CS Lewis wrote that in the end of our lives there will only be 2 types of people. Those who say to God- your will be done. And those to whom God says- your will be done.

Harmony and conflict… sin and design. We no longer live in that perfect world but we still only have the one rule: pick Jesus. You may not know how, you may not know the details, but it can start right here and right now. The Bible says to declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and you shall be saved. For me it was a little weird at first but I just closed my eyes and I said something like this… You can say it with me if you want… I said…

God I see now that I am a sinner and I’ve fallen short of your perfection. I want to commune with you. I accept that Jesus is God and that He came to bridge the chasm between us. Forgive me Lord and change my heart to desire what you want for me.

Talk to the person who gave you this link. Ask them about the Bible. Tell them you want to learn more about what Jesus did.


Evolution Not A Problem For Thinking Christians

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I was sitting at home about to take a nap when a close friend called me and told me about a witnessing opportunity. Without hesitation, I kicked of my slippers, put on my flip flops and met him at his work. There in his office was a young guy, a son of a mutual friend with questions about life and about Christianity. I’d met him before but only briefly. A young guy of 18, he calls himself an atheist and asserts that he “believes in science.” I knew that in prior conversations he had been asked to clarify what he meant by “science” and had no response. Simply put, he was parroting what he had heard others say (a technique we all tend to employ) and this gap in his knowledge provided us as believers a great opportunity to help him with his thought process.

We shook hands and I asked him what kind of questions he wanted to ask. Without missing a beat he looked at me and said, “what about evolution.”

I tried not to smile. There are certainly those moments in life when we recognize that God has given us trials in order to prepare us for specific moments. Paul writes about this in Romans 5. This was my Romans moment. See, it is the objective of modern evolutionists like Richard Dawkins to use Darwinian evolution as a marketing tool against the Biblical God. By and large the church’s response has either been to ignore the questions all-together or to accept it and squeeze it into scripture. Both are incorrect and an violation of the trust we are to have in God. The truth is, any thinking Christian can deliver a simple apologetic against evolution in just a few moments time. Here is what I said to him.

The truth is, I love this question. So much of our culture has been brainwashed to believe that somehow evolution disproves God but we are going to look at why this is not so. There are two ways to address this question. We can address this question scientifically or we can address this questions philosophically.

1. Scientifically speaking let me make it clear to you that I do not subscribe to the neo-Darwinian theory of macro-evolution. This theory states that all life formed randomly by processes no longer observed into animals we’ve never found. Furthermore, they claim that against all bio-chemical evidence to the contrary, life came from non-life and one animal turned into another completely different animal. Without going into the details, try to imagine a mousetrap. It has 5 moving parts and each part is inter-related. The base, the spring, the cheese-holder, the neck-snapper, and the lock. Now if any 1 of those 5 moving parts is gone, the whole mechanism fails. If the neck-snapper is gone, it won’t work. If the wood base is gone, it wont work. Does that make sense? (he said yes). Ok, now imagine if the wood base was made of paper- would the base be strong enough to lock the neck snapper in place? (he said no). You’re right, I said. So the mousetrap could not have evolved slowly and gradually through time since all parts are needed to be in place at the same time in the right order and of the right quality. We can observe this, test it, repeat it, and make predictions with this. The mousetrap is irreducibly complex. Compare with macro-evolution: it’s never been observed, repeated, tested, or predicted. The mousetrap is science, evolution is not. And you believe in science right?  (He said yes again).  Great, me too.

2.  Now we can also look at this philosophically. Lets say that none of what I said a second ago is true. Lets pretend that we see evolution happening everyday. News sorts of animals are constantly coming into existence; little rock piles get rained on and turn into goo which turns into a cell, and so forth. How does this prove there is no God? It doesn’t. It simply reflects the mechanism that God used to create the diversity that we see today. Additionally it would mean that Genesis 1-11 is allegorical rather than literal (a poem rather than a narrative). I personally, don’t believe this to be the case, but we’re just talking philosophically here. Something has to program the cell to evolve. If evolution were a law of nature, it would require a law giver. That law giver is God. A computer cannot operate with a program inside it telling it what to do, right? Well, DNA is the same way. DNA is digitally encoded to work a certain way. Someone had to program that code just like someone has to program the computer. As a matter of fact, Bill Gates said that DNA is just like computer code only a whole lot more complicated. So evolution does not disprove God, if it happens at all it actually demonstrates the process by which God works which then becomes an argument for God. Does that make sense?

Keep in mind reader that I am going over the basic apologetic here. Im not going into information theory or “shannon” information, or the fact that in order for natural selection to take place one must first have a replicating mutator. This being the case, the evolutionist must explain how the replicating mutator came to be. The point is, most people are not prepared or willing to delve into the science or philosophy behind their worldview. When you as the thinker can demonstrate the science or the philosophy to them with kindness and grace (remember, its by God’s grace that you know anything at all), you will gain their trust. From their you can explain how by knowing someone we can learn to trust them which brings us directly to the person of Jesus.

My meeting with this young man was profitable. We spoke for another hour or so before he had to leave and I had no desire to nap after that! I answered a lot of his questions and got a lot of smiles. We had some good laughs and I hope to meet with him again. I know that God is wooing him and Im grateful that he used me to answer this guys questions. Maybe next time he will use you.

Should we celebrate Easter?

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I don’t hate Easter.

Likewise, I don’t hate Labor Day, Memorial Day, Birthdays, or any other secular celebration. However, I have strong feelings about the ignorance surrounding the Easter celebration- an ignorance that spans the faith community. From the theist to the atheist, religious believers in something or in nothing tend to respectively have some idea or no idea of the roots of Easter as they relate to the Judeo-Christian celebrations of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Passover, and Resurrection Sunday. Instead, the western Church blends all of these traditions into one holiday season that few people seem to understand and almost all westerners recognize as a time to celebrate with family and attack people of opposing beliefs.

For example, in an article posted on Drudge, a school district and city removed the term “Easter” from its advertised egg hunts and renamed the eggs “Spring Spheres.” Similarly, atheists are known to rather ignorantly refer to Easter Sunday as “Zombie Day” (which everyone knows to be a false analogy in that zombies are the walking dead while Christ was alive and his wounds healed). Atheists who so often claim to be the gatekeepers of reason, exercise ignorance of Christianity (and paganism) when they seek to remove the pagan term ‘Easter’ from the pagan celebrations therein. Apologists Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig have publicly acknowledged this ignorance of Christianity in their discussions with/of atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. Christians on the other hand do the same when/if they act offended! My question is, why are secularists seeking to rename a secular holiday and why aren’t Christians embracing this separation?

Members of both groups could use a good apologetic on the history of the celebration so here goes…

The Goddess of Easter by J. Gehrts

Easter is a pagan tradition celebrating pagan a goddessgoes…

Easter is a centuries old pagan celebration of Spring having nothing to do with Christianity. According to, “Easter owes its origin to the old Teutonic mythology. It was derived from the name Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, to whom the month of April was dedicated. The festival of Eostre was celebrated at the vernal equinox, when the day and night gets an equal share of the day.”

This springtime celebration was well known throughout the early world and in the different pagan tribes in e

ven the Germanic and Slavic traditions. The association to hares and eggs come to

symbolize birth as rabbits tend to procreate quickly and birds lay many eggs. During the council of Nicaea, the Catholic church cemented the date for the Easter celebration synonymously with the celebration of the Resurrection.  As the early church began to seek converts to the new Messianic faith, Easter became a tool of similarity; this way, converts will feel like they could become Christians without having to abandon their secular traditions. This is, of course, in contradiction to Biblical teaching.

In the Bible, Paul writes to the Corinthians quoting passages from the Old Covenant. Using references from Numbers, Exodus, and Ezekiel, he writes to the church,

“Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers (2 Cor 6:14).”

“Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord (2 Cor 6:17).”

Paul is speaking to a church that has taken the pagan celebrations, traditions, and customs, and incorporated them into Christian culture. History tells us that these may have included orgies, incest, and various forms of sexual sin. While Easter may not include these ghastly sins, the principle of spiritual separation from non-believers remains essential in Christian obedience. As Christians, we need to embrace the celebrations of Passover, Good Friday, and the Resurrection. However, we must reject the celebrations of Easter as having anything to do with these days.

This includes greeting each other with terms such as “happy Easter” or giving Easter gifts, baskets, and hosting egg hunts on these days. Instead, Christians should embrace the terms, “He is risen,” “God be with you,” and “Happy Resurrection Day” on these days.

While I personally do not recognize the pagan celebration, I hold no ill will to those who do. Easter is a celebration of springtime and spring is a beautiful time of the year. While it is Biblically permissible to acknowledge cultural celebrations (Col 2:16, 1 Cor 8:7-9 ), it is essential that we remain unyoked to those celebrations. This means that we do not try to mash Judeo-Christian celebrations with pagan celebrations.

Jesus fulfills prophecy on the 1st day of Pasaq

Jesus fulfills prophecy on the 1st day of Pasaq

Furthermore, I find great edification in learning the history of Pasaq (Passover) and it’s significance to the life of Jesus. This is the first year of my Christian walk that I recognized Palm Sunday. This is the first day of Passover when the sacrificial lamb is picked for inspection. It’s also the same day that Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah and walked into town on the back of a donkey

as the last “Passover lamb.” There is much to be learned from a good Christian education on Christianity. Christians around the world are being killed in the Buddhist world, the Hindu World, the Muslim world and the Marxist/secularist world for being unyoked. Men, women, and children and being killed and tortured for their willingness to be different from their cultural oppressors while we in America live in lavish comfort and try our best to blend in.

This Resurrection Day, let us as Christians die to this world as Christ died for us. Let us reject the paganism of our Marxist, sexually- obsessed culture and be different. Let us Passover the term “Happy Easter” and instead great each other in the Peace of our Lord Jesus as we say, “Good Morning brothers and sisters. Let us celebrate for He is risen.”