The Truth Project

Then Paul, as his custom was, went into them, and for three Sabbaths reasoned with them from the scriptures. Acts 17:2

The Book of Acts refers to the verb to reason more than 20 times when describing Paul and his missionary work.  Its is from this capacity for rational thought that Jesus also taught.  The Truth Project is a Focus on the Family Production designed to educate the Christian on the foundations of a rational and Biblical worldview.  The DVD based project features 13 video lesson instructed by creator, Del Tackett PH.D, and covers information ranging from veritology (what is truth), philosophy and ethics, science, government, and more. Currently, our church home-Calvary Chapel Oceanside- is watching and learning from this amazing series in our attempts to serve God by unveiling the lies of our culture and unraveling the truth to the lost people of this world.

This blog will follow that journey and record my thoughts as well as the thoughts of others who want to contribute to this blog.  After each lesson, I will record my thoughts on that lesson and their application as seen through my eyes.  Please feel free to comment or contribute in any way that you like.  If you have something you’d like to post, please send me an email and I will gladly post your thoughts.

Let me end with this clear statement:  The Biblical worldview is the only correct worldview.  It is one with no internal or external contradictions, it is logically consistent, historically and empirically verifiable, and is the only worldview that can rationally account for the preconditions of intelligibility that we so often take for granted.  This does not mean that we fallible Christians can properly execute this worldview, no.  Only Jesus can do that.  However, any worldview outside of the Biblical framework is false and cannot lead anyone to heaven, This includes Darwinism, Hinduism, Mormonism (which is NOT a Christian faith), Islam, and others.

If what I’ve said offends or challenges you than please share your thoughts.   I welcome your thoughts on that matter and would gladly engage in polite and logical conversations with you via this blog.  It is my prayer that through this reasoned discourse we will discover the truth together and secure your place in the book of life.

Father, I pray for those who wander and those who also have dug their heels into false philosophies to see the light of Your truth.  I pray that Your Spirit will enter into them of their own will and expel the irrational thought that pervades their minds.  Lord I pray that they will discover You through their ability to reasonably examine the facts as You’ve shown them just as You did upon Your glorious resurrection.  In Jesus name. Amen.


3 Responses to “The Truth Project”

  1. Art Says:

    Please respond,
    Calvary (Chuck Smith) also has some biblical errors reported on the internet. Can you explain these accusations. I followed Chuck Smith and enjoyed his sermons for decades. sad to find out that E-Free is also in error.

  2. Mariah Says:

    I am not persuaded by the idea that “The Truth Project” is a viable and or legitimate resource or source of godly oriented materials for biblical teaching, rather it is a dark supply that feeds and fuels New Age and Postmodern philosophies. Not all but portions of the program context do not appear godly and are delivered in a manner that draws in unsuspecting persons mostly younger but in essence all individuals in attendance both singularly and universally.

  3. Freddie Biggs Jr. Says:

    I find that I can benefit more from watching the “Truth Project” videos and lectures where I can learn from other people’s worldviews because it challenges me to study more as the more I listen to other people’s perspectives I am gaining new information that can lead into a bible study. This class has really helped to shape my mindset as I am seeking to try new methods for teaching the gospel. I have tried a new method which I saw worked for me in the past where I held personal bible studies over the phone I have found that more people opened up in sharing in the scriptures and we learned how to study with those in whom we have studied before and or new people we come in contact with where we bring up God.

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