Youtube Debates

Youtube is filled with truth claims regarding the fossil record, Darwin, Christianity, and so forth.  Most (if not all) contain false information, are loaded with presuppositions, do not reflect scientifically accepted data, and so on and so forth.  Furthermore, most of the arguments by those supporting the disproven theory of Darwinism are cloaked in emotional language and logical fallacies- evidence to their lack of intellectual fortitude.  This page is dedicated to those bloggers wishing to continue those discussions without the burden of limited characters for their responses.  All arguments are welcome but excessively foul language and character attacks (a fallacy called: ad hominen fallacy) will be edited.

It is my goal to expose the error in the logic, correct the assertions and encourage the arguer to challenge their false belief system.  I will do this using every known factor of debate including philosophy (logic), science (as defined as a description of phenomena), history, theology, and so on.  It is not my goal to personally offend or attack the arguer outside of challenging their worldview although in exposing their intellectually inferior positions I am sure most will walk away defeated and offended.


4 Responses to “Youtube Debates”

  1. Jeff Says:

    First of all, ROFLMAO. Let’s see your data that backs up this claim: “Most (if not all) contain false information, are loaded with presuppositions, do not reflect scientifically accepted data, and so on and so forth.” Besides, what you’re doing is so old. The Onion already discovered a factual error on the internet 😉,102/

  2. owenhemsath Says:

    Bathing is also old but I will continue to promote it until all the stink disappears 😀 Come to think of it, eating is old too. You know, so is talking and breathing. All old concepts. Are you getting the point?

    As such, the Onion article is pretty funny but doesn’t disprove the assertion that youtube video artists present provable false truth claims. I’ve posted comments refuting some of those claims but we only have 500 characters to do so. In that manner, I started this site and (crickets chirping) they don’t want to seem to argue anymore.

  3. Jeff Says:

    I don’t have to disprove anything. You’re making the claim that their arguments for evolution are wrong. You have to back up that claim, otherwise it means as little as each of the <500 word comments on each of those youtube videos. Show me that a statistically significant number of the claims made about evolution (by "evolutionists," i.e. scientists) on youtube are untrue.

  4. Jeff Says:

    What I mean about the onion thing is that debating people from youtube seems like a lowly way to spend your time.

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